Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

As with fashion where every woman needs specific items for her wardrobe every woman needs specific jewelry items. We’ve come up with a list based on fashion and jewelry experts of what every jewelry box should have.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Hoop Earrings

5/8ctw Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Tennis Bracelet

14k Prong Set Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

One of our most classic diamond bracelets, this prong set bracelet is truly timeless. This diamond bracelet is available in 11 sizes, ranging from 2.50cttw to 13.50cttw (2mm to 4.5mm).

Gold Bracelet

Gold Chain Necklace

Your Most Flattering Gemstone

2.55ct Oval Pink Tourmaline, 18k White Gold

The History of Birthstones

The History of Birthstones

their beauty but also on account of their virtues, as transmitters of good luck and to avert misfortune. The association of Gems with power, civil and religious adds to the mystery in the history of birthstones.

The history of birthstones involves the lives of many historical figures as Precious Stones are seen as signs of power, wealth and luxury. The history of birthstones and precious jewels have therefore played an important part in the lives of the great, not only on account of their beauty but because they contained the equivalent to a large sum of money and in times of danger could easily be concealed and carried from place to place.

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Gift Ideas for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas

Gift Ideas for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas

Getting a gift for your beloved can be tough. There is so much to choose out there, but we would like to propose that you could never go wrong with jewelry. Unless you’re with someone who always takes back what people give them and then it doesn’t really count.

Jewelry is a great gift for so many reasons, but we believe the best reason to give jewelry as a gift is because:

  • They can wear it anywhere.
  • It shows how thoughtful you were.
  • For some there are bragging rights. (hint hint)
  • And if you are into generational giving it is something that can be passed down.
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Jewelry Buying Guide

10 Things Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You

10 Things Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You is the insider guide into buying jewelry.

Explore what the Four C’s are and which C makes the most difference in your diamond purchases.

Find out who you should get to appraise your jewelry, and how to get the best insurance for your most valuable pieces.

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Creating the Perfect Ring

To create the perfect ring it is necessary to know what makes up the part of the ring. Below are the parts of a ring and the ring setting. By changing your ring setting you can transform a ring into the one of your dreams.

 A Ring Overview

By understanding the parts and purpose of a ring you can create your perfect ring with ease.

  • The Stone will account for 75-90% of the overall cost of the ring.
  • The Setting holds the center stone. A strong precious metal is imperative in securing your investment.
  • The Band will endure the most wear over time since it’s in constant contact with the fingers and everything that the hand touches
  • The Stamp indicates the type and purity of the metal. All rings must have this.
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10 Things Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You


Jewelry is a product that people don’t buy every day and jewelry stores only turn their pricey inventory about once a year, so the markup is generally 100 percent. (Unless you buy from a wholesaler like us.) The  50% Off Sale & Huge Sales at Jewelry Stores are not really sales. 

If you see a sale price in the newspaper, don’t fall for it. You will probably pay much more than the regular price. Some major retail jewelry stores, prior to a sale, will mark up diamond rings double or triple the normal selling price, then marked them half-price during a sale.  At Diamond and Gold Warehouse our Dallas Wholesale Diamond Rings and Dallas Engagement Rings are priced at the regular price. We don’t mark up our jewelry to bring it down just to make a sale.  Our Dallas Wholesale Rings and Dallas Engagement Rings are the best quality.  They are beautiful, vibrant in color and gorgeous on the finger.  The expression on her face when she sees your gift of love for her……is priceless.

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