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Where to buy an Engagement Ring in Dallas, TX

Where to buy an Engagement Ring in Dallas, TX

When shopping for an Engagement Ring, there are many reasons as to why you should always choose a Wholesale Jeweler for your custom Engagement Ring Dallas purchase!

Saving money is the best, and by using a trusted family wholesale jeweler you are cutting out the high (and we mean, VERY high) retail prices. There are many overhead costs a huge retailer must maintain. Without having to sacrifice quality, your dollar goes further with a wholesale jeweler. That means more diamond for your buck!

  • You’ll Have a Personal Experience

Most wholesale diamond jewelers work in an office building. This allows for a more intimate personalized shopping experience. We take a detailed account of what you’re looking to purchase and provide you with many different options which stick within the budget. We encourage you to ask questions! Purchasing fine diamond jewelry can be overwhelming, but we are here to pass on our expertise!

  • Create a Custom Engagement Ring without extra costs

Every woman loves to feel special. That’s even more the case when choosing an Engagement Ring in Dallas or Custom Jewelry Dallas. Our simple, transparent, and educational process allows you to design a custom engagement ring with total confidence. You are involved in every step of the process, and to most peoples surprise, creating a custom engagement ring doesn’t have to include a large price tag!

To get a detailed step by step list on how the custom engagement ring process works, click here!

Why Choose Diamond and Gold Warehouse?

Located in Dallas, TX, Diamond and Gold Warehouse creates beautiful diamond engagement rings, and are direct manufactures of wholesale loose diamonds. As the Best Wholesale Jeweler in Dallas, we offer high quality fine jewelry at the best prices.

Most first time shoppers looking for Engagement Rings or Wedding Rings run to their local mall or popular retail store. However, what most consumers don’t realize is the big name retailers mark up their products almost triple the price. Not only are you paying high prices, the quality is also sacrificed as big chain retailers go through several different vendors to acquire their diamonds and jewelry. Choosing to work with a Trusted Wholesale Jeweler like Diamond and Gold Warehouse means you are going straight to the diamond manufacturing source, bypassing the middle man!

Our jewelers and setters are highly trained and experienced craftsmen. Using their expertise, they will craft a piece of jewelry for you that you can be proud of for many years to come!

Creating the Perfect Ring

To create the perfect ring it is necessary to know what makes up the part of the ring. Below are the parts of a ring and the ring setting. By changing your ring setting you can transform a ring into the one of your dreams.

 A Ring Overview

By understanding the parts and purpose of a ring you can create your perfect ring with ease.

  • The Stone will account for 75-90% of the overall cost of the ring.
  • The Setting holds the center stone. A strong precious metal is imperative in securing your investment.
  • The Band will endure the most wear over time since it’s in constant contact with the fingers and everything that the hand touches
  • The Stamp indicates the type and purity of the metal. All rings must have this.
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