Fall 2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Our Experts Weigh in Their Opinions on What Trends We Should Be Looking For. Fall 2022 Engagement Ring Trends!  

1. Oval

Oval diamond rings have continued to stay in the spotlight and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. It is a great shape for everyone because it lengthens the appearance of the fingers.

The soft edges on ovals allow the diamond to hide imperfections well. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as royals, have been wearing Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. Therefore, Oval Diamonds will always be in style. At Diamond and Gold Warehouse we offer a plethora of oval shaped diamonds for any budget and any size. 

2. Gemstones

Looking for colorful bling? Well good news for you, Gemstones are becoming a popular alternative to white diamond engagement rings and we are loving it!

Gemstones allow you to express your style by adding some color into your everyday life! Colored engagement rings like Sapphires and Morganite have been surging in demand recently as we see a lot of celebrities jumping on this trend.

Kate Middleton wears the late Princess Diana’s well-known Sapphire engagement ring that has become recognizable around the world. We just might get a different color for every day of the week! At our Dallas Jewelry Store we have experts who can set you up with the best gemstone that will exceed your expectations! 

3. Big Bling

Everything is bigger in Texas? Well here in Dallas we for sure think so, in 2022 we are seeing big ideas, big diamonds, double halo’s, and fun shapes. Statement rings are perfect for someone who likes to be in the spotlight. We are seeing celebrities like Paris Hilton and Serena Williams following this trend. Click here, so Diamond and Gold Warehouse can help you with all your big diamond needs!

4. Emerald

If you prefer having a classic look that’s timeless then emerald diamonds are the one for you. Emerald diamonds offer clean lines and symmetry which is deeply admired, when picking out your diamond it’s important to know that clarity is very important for emerald diamonds.

We have seen emerald diamonds around forever but we are seeing people add a modern touch, such as three-stone emerald cut engagement rings. Whichever way you decide to wear your emerald diamond, Diamond and Gold Warehouse is the place to create the emerald custom engagement ring of your dreams . 

5. Hidden Diamond Details

Who doesn’t want more sparkle? Well hidden diamond details have taken the industry by storm. Hidden diamonds which have also been called hidden halos are basically diamonds circling around the base of the center stone.

They are not visible from above but it can be seen from the side, which might make this a great option for some who wants to ensure sparkle from all angles. Add some sparkle where you would least expect it. Here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse we believe sparkle is life! 

If you’re shopping for fall 2022 engagement ring trends, make sure you choose something that your partner will love! Still unsure? Set up an appointment with us to meet with our experts to help you find your perfect custom engagement ring! 

Diamond and Gold Warehouse is known for creating one of a kind Custom Engagement Rings that not only stay with the trends but are unique to each clients likes. 

Diamond and Gold Warehouse is a trusted wholesale jeweler which means you’re going straight to the diamond manufacture, skipping the middleman. We know that there are no other Dallas Jewelers that can beat the price and service of our engagement rings or wholesale loose diamonds to keep you up with the current fall trends of 2022. 

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