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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest engagement ring trends at Diamond and Gold Warehouse. Our curated collection showcases the most sought-after designs that perfectly blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Explore the trends that are capturing hearts and making a statement in the world.

From delicate and intricate vintage-inspired designs to sleek and modern minimalist styles, our engagement ring trends cater to every individual’s unique taste and preference. Discover the beauty of halo settings, where a central diamond or gemstone is surrounded by a dazzling halo of smaller stones, adding brilliance and creating an eye-catching focal point.

Embrace colored gemstones as center stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, and morganites. Gemstones bring a unique and vibrant touch to traditional engagement ring styles. These stunning gemstones add a pop of color and personality to your ring, symbolizing individuality.

For those seeking a more unconventional look, explore the world of alternative metals and non-traditional designs. From rose gold and yellow gold to mixed metals and unique band shapes, these contemporary choices  showcase your distinct sense of style.

Another popular trend is the rise of sustainable and ethical engagement rings. Choose from our selection of lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. Knowing that your ring represents both beauty and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

At Diamond and Gold Warehouse, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest engagement ring trends while ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring that reflects your personal style.

Explore our collection of engagement rings on the latest trends, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Let your engagement ring be a true reflection of your love and style.

Styling Stackable Rings

Styling Stackable Rings

You can’t have a true ring stack without multiple rings. This of course might take time to accumulate your collection. What makes a good ring stack is using multiple rings at one time.

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Stackable Rings = The New Charm Bracelet

These days, stackable rings have become the new charm bracelet. With each milestone or accomplishment, you can purchase a ring to represent any memorable moment. This is a very special way to collect jewelry that you’ll be able to wear for a lifetime!

Why Should I Buy Expensive Jewelry

Here is why it ‘s a great idea to invest in high-quality jewelry. Costume jewelry, that is, jewelry bought at local fast-fashion stores, can tarnish quickly and possibly leave your skin looking green.

This can not only be embarrassing but causes you to always purchase jewelry over and over again. While purchasing fine jewelry might seem expensive upfront, in the long run, it’s a smarter investment that will last a lifetime.

When Should I Start My Stackable Collection?

Right now, of course! We have found that most women are only inspired to start their fine jewelry collection once they have been proposed to or are already in a marriage.

Perhaps this is because you’ve received a diamond engagement ring, and are introduced to the fine jewelry world at that time. There is no perfect age or moment in life to add sparkle into your jewelry collection!

We say, the sooner the better. What matters is that you choose jewelry items that are most sentimental and valuable to you, that way you will wear them forever.


1) Try Different Metal Colors

Diamond and Gold Warehouse is located in Dallas, TX and specializes in creating engagement rings, always at wholesale prices.

The easiest place to start when choosing stackable rings is selecting different metal colors. You’d be surprised how a bit of color can put a modern twist on a timeless piece. Whether it’s Rose Gold or Yellow Gold, try on these different colors to see what you like best!

2) Try Different Band Widths or Textures

Stackable Rings Dallas
Diamond and Gold Warehouse is located in Dallas, TX and specializes in creating engagement rings, always at wholesale prices.

Most of our clients are excited to add ultra thin diamond bands to their stack. And while we absolutely adore thin band rings, we also like to mix things up with our wider band widths. This adds a bit of visual contrast to your ring fingers.

If you’re not too fond of adding color to your ring stack, Texture is the easiest way to add visual interest. A variety of textures will make certain rings

3 ) Mix Different Gemstones

Gemstone Rings Dallas
Diamond and Gold Warehouse is located in Dallas, TX and specializes in creating engagement rings, always at wholesale prices.

If you love the idea of adding color to your stack, then it’s a good idea to explore different gemstone rings. Not only do gemstones add a fresh and unexpected twist, they can also have beneficial metaphysical properties.

4) Write Phrases or Initials

Rings Stack Dallas
Diamond and Gold Warehouse is located in Dallas, TX and specializes in creating engagement rings, always at wholesale prices.

We see diamond bands and eternity bands as the perfect way to start your ring collection. Recently, we’ve seen a spike in initial rings! This is a fun way to flaunt the initial of your significant other, or a beloved family member. In fact, you can even spell out phrases with you rings. Makes for a cool conversation piece!

5) You can never go wrong with Diamonds!

Stackable Rings in Dallas

If you’re not a fan of colored metal or gemstones, stick with collecting all diamond bands. You can still collect a variety of styles and diamond shapes

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