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Diamond and Gold Warehouse offers the best diamonds for the best prices when shopping for engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, or other diamond jewelry.

Retail stores are for retail pricing, but not when you visit Diamond and Gold Warehouse. Working with  Diamond Dealers in Dallas like us, you will avoid paying retail prices and get true wholesale deals on your Diamond and Jewelry purchases!

We work with ALL BUDGETS and can help you in finding the BEST DIAMOND for your budget. We offer diamond and jewelry exchanges on your old diamonds and rings.

 In addition, we carry Fancy Yellow Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds or man made diamonds,  chocolate Diamonds as well as non-Certified diamonds.

Our imported natural diamonds are all ethically mined and conflict-free. If we don’t have a diamond available in your criteria, we can offer you an option where we purchase a rough diamond and get it cut and polished from one of our factories.

We pride ourselves on being one of the TOP and BIGGEST Wholesale Diamond Dealers , Wholesale Diamond Buyers and Diamond Brokers in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex!
We also offer diamond and jewelry exchanges if you want to upgrade your diamond. From estates to broken diamonds, we can recut your old diamond into ideal cuts and proportions. We are also Buyers of Diamonds and Jewelry

One of the most frequently asked questions we get when buying a wholesale loose diamond in Dallas is if it is a good time to buy diamonds?

Our answer: YES!  There is a demand coming in from around the the world. The demand for diamonds remains strong Diamonds are earth’s natural treasures and there is nothing that will give brilliance and stunning 360 sparkle, then a natural loose diamond! 

If you’re in the market for a Wholesale Loose Diamond or an engagement ring, simply want to create a Custom Ring, then Diamond and Gold Warehouse is the right place for you! With our worldwide connections, we can offer our clients the highest quality of Loose Diamonds and Engagement Rings Dallas at the BEST prices in the market!

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We have a large selection of Lab Grown Diamonds or man made diamonds IGI and GIA Certified available at great prices, in all shapes and sizes. Whatever reason you discover for expanding your diamond collection, you should consider Lab Grown Diamonds as a stunning option! 

Let us show you our fine quality Lab Diamonds Dallas, Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry or Man Made Diamonds at wholesale prices today and see what all the rave is about!  
Whatever reason you discover for expanding your diamond collection, you should consider Lab Grown Diamonds as a stunning option! 

We are also buying Lab diamonds in Dallas or man-made diamonds. If you have Lab Created Diamond you are wanting to sell or upgrade, then you should be contacting Diamond and Gold Warehouse. Not only do we purchase Lab Diamonds, we sell lab diamonds!