Diamond Buying Guide: Large Diamonds

Does size really matter? That is the question of the century when couples start looking at engagement rings. And there is no simple answer, its really up to you.

But if size is the most important feature to you when it comes to your engagement ring, keep reading. What is a large diamond? Diamonds that are classified as large are at least 3 Carats in weight. They can range from any Cut, Clarity, or Color as long as they are over 3 carats.

Consider this the same as a car buying process and how there are many different make and models. Diamonds are very similar. Factors such as Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight will alter a Diamond’s cost. Fluorescence, Certification, and Demand can also change the price of a diamond by tens of thousands. 

Buying a large diamond might be intimidating at first, but Diamond and Gold Warehouse is here to make the process a breeze. 

Find a Reputable Jeweler:

When you first start to shop for a diamond it is important to only look at reputable jewelers. Research local wholesale diamond dealers and jewelry stores in your area. Diamond and Gold Warehouse currently has 5 stars on Google and has helped thousands of customers across several decades. Our quality of Certified Wholesale Diamonds, Gemstones, Lab Grown Diamonds, and Engagement Rings cannot be matched at any Jewelry Stores in Dallas.

Tip: We recommend you to never purchase from branded retail stores. You’ll end up paying more to accommodate their large overhead costs. Only shop at wholesale jewelers.

Cushion Cut GIA Certified Diamond - Diamond and Gold Warehouse
Cushion Cut Diamond – GIA Certified

Get a Certificate: 

When buying any diamond it’s important to ensure that your diamond can hold its value for years to come. A way to help you ensure this is by buying a certified diamond. What does a certificate mean? Simple, a diamond certificate ensures a diamond’s quality. By ensuring a diamond’s cut, color, quality, and carat weight. This will help your diamond hold its value over time.

The safest way to purchase a diamond is to purchase a certified diamond. Here are few reputable gem labs we recommend 

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • American Gem Society (AGS)

Diamonds that are accompanied by certificates have a higher chance of reselling in the market. We encourage you to always buy a diamond with a certificate. At Diamond and Gold Warehouse we carry both GIA and AGS certified diamonds in various cuts and colors. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond - Diamond and Gold Warehouse
5.08 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond – GIA Certified

Pick a Shape:

Now that you know what a certified diamond is, the next step is to pick the cut you would like to purchase. Here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse we offer a large variety of cuts including Round, Emerald, Oval, Cushion, Radiant, Princess, and more! We have listed our three most popular cuts for the year 2023 down below.

  • Emerald Cut: Known as the “Hall of Mirrors”. Emerald Cut Diamonds feature step cuts, creating an elongated illusion that maximizes finger coverage. It’s good to know that Emerald Cut Diamonds do not hide inclusions well. So we recommend you focus on clarity when picking out your emerald cut diamond. 
GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamonds have been gaining popularity in 2023 due to the East-West setting taking off. This setting adds a trendy aesthetic to a classic diamond cut, hence why it’s been enticing for brides to be this year. 

  • Round Brilliant Cut: One of the more timeless cuts we see in today’s trends. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds mask color novelty due to their rainbow light refraction. Inclusions are also hard to see from SI1 and above. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds have stood the test of time for many decades. So if you are looking to buy a diamond that will hold its value the best, round diamonds might be for you. 

Round Brilliant Cut GIA certified Diamond in Dallas
  • Oval Cut: The most popular cut in recent years, the Oval Cut appears larger on the finger compared to other cuts of the same carat weight. Oval diamonds tend to show their color more than Round or Emerald Cut Diamonds. So we recommend you focus on Color when picking out your oval cut diamond.
Oval Cut GIA Certified Diamond Dallas

Pick a Setting:

Once you have your large diamond picked out the next step would be to set your diamond into a ring. Whether you are looking for a traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring or something more modern, we can create the ring of your dreams! We have halo settings, pave settings, vintage inspired settings, wedding ring sets and more.

  • Solitaire Setting: This setting features no diamonds, focusing all on the Center Stone. Making your large diamond the star of the show! Shop Solitaire Rings
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse in Dallas Texas
  • Halo Setting: This setting entails a bunch of small Pave style diamonds surrounding the center stone, ensuring your ring will look larger than life. (a great choice to maximize your budget if size if your most important factor) Shop Halo Rings
Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse in Dallas Texas
  • Three Stone Setting: This setting is exactly what it sounds like, three stones. The center stone is set in between two side stones, completely maximizing finger coverage without breaking the bank. Shop Three Stone Rings
Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse in Dallas, Texas

At Diamond and Gold Warehouse, we offer you all the options and more, so you can discover the diamond ring of your dreams to enjoy for a lifetime.

Protect Your Purchase:

Once you are done making your purchase and are off enjoying your beautiful stone you may think you are all done, but you aren’t. The next step is to protect your investment.

How can I protect my diamond? As soon as you have your stone in your possession you should go ahead and get it insured. You buy a house, then you insure it. You buy a car, then you insure it. Basically you should be doing the same with a diamond ring.

Another way you can protect your purchase is to get your jewelry cleaned. Over time prongs will get snatched on fabric and dirt will get under the baskets, causing them to look discolored and risk the chance of your stone falling out.

Diamond and Gold Warehouse encourages you to bring in your diamond ring at least twice a year to be cleaned, which can help with the longevity of your jewelry. We not only polish your jewels but we also will check the prongs to ensure the security of your diamonds. 

At Diamond and Gold Warehouse we have an on-site jeweler, meaning we will never ship off your stone or ring like other jewelry stores in Dallas. Your items never leave our Dallas Jewelry Store, ensuring you a timely manner as well as ensuring your items will be protected within our possession. 

Oval-Cut GIA Certifed Diamonds by Diamond and Gold Warehouse
4.32 Carat Oval Cut GIA Certified Diamond

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