How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

When you are ready to purchase your Diamond Engagement Ring you should know there so many options you should consider to increase your ring’s wow-factor without breaking the bank. If you are wondering how to make your engagement ring look bigger, here are some tips on getting the most bling for your buck. 

Below we’ve outlined 5 ways you can make your engagement ring look bigger. 

1. Add a Halo

Adding a diamond halo setting can make a center diamond appear larger, it increases the diameter without increasing the price drastically. A diamond halo can be added to any shape stone and is the perfect way to maximize your engagement ring budget.

Two Diamond Halo Engagement Rings by Diamond and Gold Warehouse

We offer many types of Diamond Halos here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse.

  • The Classic Halo, features a row of Pave Diamonds surround the center stone
  • Double Halo, features two rows of Pave Diamonds surrounding the center stone
  • Hidden Halo, a Pave row of Diamonds are set beneath the center stone. Unlike the traditional halo, this style has the diamonds more concealed while still adding that bling factor. 

2. Consider Elongated Shapes

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Elongated shapes are shapes that appear longer on the finger, they also appear larger than some non-elongated shapes of the same carat weight. Elongated shapes we carry are

  • Oval
  • Emerald 
  • Radiant
  • & Pears

3. Three-Stone Diamond Rings

Oval Three-Stone Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Three is better than one, right? Set a diamond on both sides of your center stone and it will instantly appear bigger. This is because this design covers more surface area on your finger, maximizing finger coverage. 

4. Keep it Clean

Cleaning your engagement ring regularly is one of the easiest ways to ensure it looks as big as possible. 

As a general rule, you should have your ring professionally cleaned by a jeweler every six months. If your ring starts to look dim in-between professional cleans we recommend you use warm water, dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your ring (we recommend Air-Drying to prevent scratching).

5. Buy from a Trusted Jeweler

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring by Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Last but not least, buy from a trusted jeweler. Not only do you know you are buying high quality items but you also can be ensured you are maximizing your budget.

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Author: Brooke Tucker, January 2023