There are lots of instances where people would like to present their beloved one with a diamond ring in Dallas. It can be used as an engagement ring or can also be given as a Promise ring or as an anniversary gift. There are many options available for custom ring designs in Dallas, which makes it quite difficult to choose the best one! Here are some tips on how you to select the perfect Diamond Ring in Dallas for your partner.

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas


It would be best if you remembered that prices for wholesale loose diamonds and engagement rings vary across brands. Diamond and Gold Warehouse offers many different options for those looking to stay within a budget and price point. Aside from natural loose diamonds, we offer Lab Created Diamonds in Dallas. Great for those who want a bigger look, but still be able to stick to affordable options.

  • Don’t buy into the “3-month salary” rule
  • Research options that are compatible with your finances and budget
  • Spend on quality, not quantity
  • Opt out of financing the diamond ring- you will end up paying for more than you bargained for
  • Choose something right under the 1.00 carat mark- Diamonds that are under a carat like 0.89 – 0.98 Carats will typically cost you less
Custom Engagement Rings Dallas


You must pay attention to the style and taste of your partner when it comes to choosing the perfect ring for them. It would be best not to assume that they will like all Custom Rings Dallas because everybody has distinct tastes and preferences. Hence, you need to do more than ask what kind of ring they want from you before purchasing one.

Simply going on with something budget-friendly may not be an appropriate option if it is not in line with their style and taste. Thus, it becomes essential for people looking to buy diamond rings for their spouse or fiancé to find out what kind and taste they prefer and what matches their style. There are many styles of rings to choose from:


There is a difference between engagement Custom Rings and Anniversary Gifts. It becomes necessary for you to figure out which type of ring your partner would like more so that you can choose the best one accordingly.

For instance, if your partner wants an engagement ring instead of an anniversary gift, it becomes essential for them to let you know this. For those looking forward to finding the perfect diamond ring in Dallas for their loved ones, consider shopping with Diamond and Gold Warehouse who have options for both Engagement Rings in Dallas and Anniversary Gifts!

Engagement Rings Dallas


Finding the right diamond is key to Engagement Ring shopping in Dallas. Diamond and Gold Warehouse offers a variety of diamonds like round shapes, oval shapes, emerald shapes, pear shapes radiant shapes, marquise shapes, cushion shapes and many more fancy shaped diamonds.

At our jewelry store in Dallas, we carry a large variety of styles to ensure you find what you are looking for. With our excellent service and trustworthy guidance, we will help you find the perfect engagement ring in Dallas. We know that there are no other Dallas jewelers that can beat the price and service of our engagement rings or wholesale loose diamonds.

We also have a large selection of diamond stud earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Contact us today and see why we are known as the best jeweler in Dallas!