Everything You Need To Know About Planning a Holiday Proposal

Holiday Proposal, Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

How do you pull off a major surprise during the busiest time of the year? Well Diamond and Gold Warehouse has some tips to help you out! 

Plan Out Everything/ Don’t Procrastinate

Picking out the perfect time to propose may be intimidating but just find a time that is special to you and your partner. It’s important to not wait until the last minute when planning a proposal.

Proposals take plenty of time to prepare for, from, finding a photographer to getting the family all together you need to make sure you setting aside plenty of time to get everything situated. Picking out the actual engagement ring will probably take the most time, so be prepared.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the holiday season! Twinkling lights, snow (maybe not if you’re in Texas), and carolers can add to the magic of the seasons! Tip: Check the weather

Choose The Ring

Probably the most important part of the proposal, the ring. An engagement ring symbolizes the love, dedication, and commitment to your significant other. So you want to make sure you are picking out the ring that perfectly displays your relationship to each other.

No Pressure. But if you’ve been talking about marriage, your partner has probably dropped a few hints about their ideal ring or even better – has sent you photos.

The holiday season is the busiest time for many jewelers. Come prepared by knowing her ring size, style and the date you would like it ready. Many of our clients fall in love with classic Solitaire Oval Engagement Rings, but not everyone wants the same engagement ring, the details can change the whole look of your ring. Adding a hidden halo or even choosing a yellow gold ring over a white gold can change the whole overall appearance of a ring. 

We recommend you find out their:

  • Desired Metal Type (think Yellow Gold, White Gold, & Platinum)
  • Stone (Choose what stone and what cut your partner wants) 
  • Ring Style (Does your partner like Halo’s or Clusters? Do they want the stone to sit close to the finger or further?)
  • Ring Size (While we can resize rings its best to get as close as possible to her perfect fit)
Holiday Proposal Timeline
Holiday Proposal Timeline

Add the Details

The best thing about the holidays is that so many locations are already decorated for the season, which makes your life easier! Finding a sentimental location you’ll both enjoy is important since this is going to be a significant night for the rest of your relationship.

All the little details can make a huge difference throughout the proposal so here are some things to consider:

  •  If your partner is close to their family, you may want to invite them to celebrate. 
  • Rehearse what you are going to say when you get down on one knee. 
  • Find out if your partner wants to hire a photographer to capture the special day, or would they would like to keep the moment private for y’all to cherish alone. 
  • Consider asking their closest friends and relatives for help, but be sure not to ask too many people!
  • If you’re planning a public proposal, make sure your partner is okay with it. Not everyone likes to make a scene. 
Diamond Pear Halo Engagement Ring. by Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Take It All In

Even with months of preparation and planning, things can still go awry. This is the perfect time to be your authentic self, so roll with the punches. Embracing what life throws your way can only lend beautiful authenticity to the moment and make it even more memorable. You’ve got this! 

Whenever you do decide to pop the question, whether it’s at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, just remember that planning is the key to a successful proposal! Diamond and Gold Warehouse is here for all your proposal needs. 

If you’re shopping for a Holiday Proposal, make sure you choose something that your partner will love! Still unsure? Set up an appointment with us to meet with our experts to help you find your perfect custom engagement ring!  Diamond and Gold Warehouse is known for creating one of a kind Custom Engagement Rings that not only stay with the trends but are unique to each clients likes. 

Diamond and Gold Warehouse is a trusted wholesale jeweler which means you’re going straight to the diamond manufacture, skipping the middleman. We know that there are no other Dallas Jewelers that can beat the price and service of our engagement rings or wholesale loose diamonds to keep you up with the current trends and classic designs.

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Written By: Brooke Tucker, November 2022