What is a Tennis Bracelet?

What is a Tennis Bracelet? New Blog Post from Diamond and Gold Warehouse

A diamond bracelet adds a beautiful bit of bling to any wrist, but these pieces of jewelry are much more than just sparkly accessories.  

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What is a Tennis Bracelet? 

A Tennis Bracelet consists of a symmetrical pattern of stones, mainly diamonds connected by a thin metal chain. Jewelers typically make Tennis Bracelets with 14K or 18K gold, or platinum. 

Where the Name Originated

Before they became known as “tennis bracelets,” they were originally reffered to as “eternity bracelets” or “diamond line bracelets.” The Tennis Bracelet got its name from Chris Evert, a professional Tennis Player who lost her bracelet during the U.S. open .

The clasp of the bracelet broke and then flew off her hand, causing Chris to request a suspension of the match while she searched for it. The officials granted the suspension. And on that day, the tennis bracelet was born. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Stack of Two. From Diamond and Gold Warehouse in Dallas, Texas
Diamond Tennis Bracelet Stack

How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet

Today, tennis bracelets are a great way to layer your delicate pieces together. Many mix them with bangles and chunky chain bracelets. People are now pairing tennis bracelets with watches on the same wrist, in addition to chains.

Although the classic version of the tennis bracelet consisted of diamonds, you can find them with gemstones as well . We love this tanzanite gemstone bracelet set in14K White Gold. 

Bracelets We Sell

Here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse we sell tennis bracelets at wholesale prices! We have different varieties of diamond tennis bracelets in our Dallas Jewelry Store available in 14KT and 18KT white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

Here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse we also have tennis bracelets in different gemstones such as tanzanite and sapphire. We offer various carat weights and shapes of diamonds, which means you can completely customize your tennis bracelet! 

5 Stack Diamond Tennis Bracelet accelerating in carat weight from smallest to largest. From Diamond and Gold warehouse in Dallas, Texas
From Left to Right: 2.81ctw, 4.47ctw, 7.36ctw, 10.54ctw, 16.26ctw

Why Gift a Tennis Bracelet? 

 Nothing says “I Love you” better than a diamond tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are a symbol of love and trust towards your loved one which makes them a perfect anniversary or birthday gift! Tennis bracelets have a long and beautiful history, understanding more about them can help you better appreciate just how lovely they can be.

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