6 Things Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You

6 Things Jewelry Stores Won’t Tell You. And you should know, especially if you’re shopping for an engagement ring. 

1. Big Names Aren’t Always Better

People tend to think that stores that do a lot of volume can give you the best price, but in reality, markups at big box retailers are often a lot higher than the markups at independent/wholesale jewelers. Shopping at a wholesale jeweler will be a lot more personable than shopping at a national chain. The process can sometimes be intimidating so we encourage you to shop around and compare. 

2. Going Custom Will Sound Complicated and Expensive (but it’s not)

A custom engagement ring sounds expensive right? Wrong, you can create a custom engagement ring with any budget. Although it would be easier to settle for a ready-made diamond ring, customizing a ring together would add a lot more sentimental value. You can purchase the stone and setting separately and create your own masterpiece. A custom ring doesn’t mean costlier, it’s just another option to consider. 

3. Its Okay to Take Your Wedding Jewelry Off

It’s tempting to wear your engagement ring 24/7, but there are certain instances when it’s best to go without your precious rock. Surprisingly, there are a few everyday activities that will damage your ring. Taking your ring off when you’re working out, cleaning, and showering are just a few adjustments you could make that will lengthen the life of your ring. 

4. Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds have been taking the diamond industry by storm. What is a Lab Created Diamond? Lab Created Diamonds are man-made diamonds grown in a controlled laboratory by using advanced technology that simulate the formation of a natural diamond beneath the earth’s crust. Are they real? Yes. Lab diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are fully monitored – meaning they are often better quality than natural diamonds. And the good news? They are often 30 – 40% less than natural diamonds, meaning you are getting more for your money. Discover Diamond and Gold Warehouse’s lab diamonds

5. Most Jewelry is Marked Up 100 Percent

Diamond Jewelry isn’t a product that most people buy everyday. And most jewelry chains only turn their pricey inventory about once a year, meaning the markup is generally 100% (unless you’re shopping at a wholesaler like us). If you stumble across a huge jewelry sale online, don’t fall for it. You’ll probably pay more than the regular price. Many major retail stores will market huge holiday sales. This is a strategic move to clear out their inventory but before they “drop the prices”, they will mark them up. For example, a ring originally priced at $3,000 increases to $6,000 before the sale and then they drop 25% off the price. Bringing that ring to $4,500, meaning you just paid over the original asking price.

How to avoid this? Simple, shop wholesale. Wholesale Jewelers are able to offer customers high quality engagement rings at a lower cost than retail stores. Our Dallas Wholesale rings and Dallas Engagement Rings are the best quality. 

6. Size Matters

Prices of diamonds are determined by what is known as the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. So the bigger the diamond, the more it costs. But diamond prices don’t increase on a smooth rational curve. For example, the difference between the size of a 0.98 carat diamond and a 1 carat diamond is undetectable to the naked eye but the price of a 1 carat diamond tends to be much higher than the price of a 0.98 carat diamond. 

Why? Because people want a 1 carat diamond. Making a 1 carat diamond costs significantly more. 

By choosing a 0.98 carat diamond you potentially are saving yourself thousands of dollars. A trusted jeweler will help you make these decisions during your diamond buying process.  

Here at Diamond and Gold Warehouse we believe in transparency, we want you to make the best, most informed decision when buying your engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. There is never any pressure to buy from us. We know that there is no other Dallas Jewelry Store that can beat the price of our diamond jewelry, engagement rings or wholesale diamonds Dallas. We have a large selection of GIA Certifed diamonds and wholesale jewelry. For diamond engagement rings Dallas we offer quality service.

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Author: Brooke Tucker, October 2022

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