Engagement Ring Do’s and Dont’s – 10 Tips

1) DON’T – Ask about price

It’s always so exciting when someone close to you gets engaged! Although it’s never appropriate to ask the two love birds about the price tag. Instead, ask questions geared towards their proposal experience, or how the couple came up with the final ring design. Because in the end, the ring is a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

2) DO – Tell your spouse if you don’t like the ring

With the endless options available in the jewelry industry, it can be an overwhelming process to choose the perfect ring for your spouse. With that said, it is possible to make a design decision that might leave your partner feeling disappointed. If you have been proposed to and do not like your engagement ring, never bite your tongue on this matter. It’s better to be honest upfront to prevent future resentment or arguments. Engagement rings are big investments and it’s important you wear a ring that you’ll be proud to wear for a lifetime. If you are particularly picky, perhaps discuss shopping for the ring together.

3) DO – Clean your ring regularly

Your everyday activities can affect the sparkle and shine of your ring. Anything from applying lotion, to sweating at the gym, all these factors build up germs and contribute to the dullness. There are gentle at-home remedies to clean your ring, but it’s always recommended to drop off your ring at the jewelers for a professional cleaning at least once a year. Another pro when dropping of your ring at the jewelers, is they will take the time to replace lost stones and fix loose prongs.

4) DON’T – Travel with your ring

It’s always a good idea to leave your diamond jewelry safe at home when traveling. Adjusting to different temperatures and environments can cause your finger to swell/shrink, which can easily cause your ring to discreetly slip off. If you do decide to travel with your ring, know when to wear it. Keep your engagement ring locked up in the hotel safe when going on outdoor activities and adventures. If you want to keep your ring at home while traveling, but don’t want to flaunt a bare finger, wear your wedding band.

5) DON’T – Be careless, diamonds CAN chip or fracture

Diamonds are known to be the hardest naturally occurring surface on earth. Do not be fooled by this definition. It is possible to accidentally chip or facture your diamond, as they are not truly indestructible. If your engagement ring is features a high mount, be especially careful when engaging in daily activities.

6) DO – Insure your ring

Accidents happen all the time. Whether you are at a restaurant and take off your ring to wash your hands, leaving it on the counter, or the center stone falls out – you never know what can happen. Just as you would get home insurance or car insurance, it’s important to protect your investment. We suggest you purchase insurance immediately after leaving the jewelry store. Your jeweler will provide you with an appraisal that will prove the rings value, which you then will submit to your insurance. It’s recommended to protect your investment sooner than later!

7) DO – Keep an eye on the setting

Are all your pave diamonds still in place? Is your center stone loose? It’s important to pay attention to your ring as occasionally the prongs could potentially loosen up. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your ring looking brand new for years to come!

8) DO – Set a reasonable budget

You’ve probably been dreaming of your engagement ring for a long time and want it to be perfect in every way. It’s important to set a reasonable budget before entering the jewelry store, as you can easily get distracted by options outside of your means. It is the responsibility of a trained professional jeweler to guide you towards engagement rings that keep you within your budget.

9) DON’T – Shop for loose diamonds online

While you might find low prices online, be weary. There is innovative technology which allows you to view a diamond with high tech 360 cameras, providing detailed angles and magnification. And while the pictures look great, and the specs seem perfect on paper, a diamonds essence is better seen in person. You never know what you gravitate towards until you see it in person. Shopping online is a great way to do research. When it comes to the final purchase of your loose diamond, be sure to contact a trustworthy diamond jeweler to assist you in your engagement ring shopping.

10) DON’T – Take your ring off frequently

There are certain situations where you should definitely take your ring off. For example, applying lotion to your hands could cause this lotion to pile up on your stone. But keep in mind the more you take off your ring, the more opportunity you have to loose it. Try your best to keep your ring on at all times to prevent loosing it!

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